Here we are- second post of the “6 New Things to Watch Out for With SMP” series!

2. Limited Edition Mini Sessions

There is this crazy thing called life and it varies for every one of us. It is because of this variety of needs, schedule requirements and priorities that the ever common mini sessions were born! I, like many other photographers, found that this was something clients LOVED and could really benefit from. The sessions are shorter and offered more frequently throughout the year and while some themes appear year after year they really can be about anything- yet sometimes I felt there was something missing.

I love mini session days, don’t get me wrong! Heck I have 18 of them scheduled through till December (you can view them here) but after the past two years I found myself wanting to offer my clients something a step above this “mini” but still more accessible than a full session. Something unique that I could step back from and smile at my labor of love.  This is when the concept of a limited edition mini session came to me!

Limited edition sessions with SMP still fall into the “mini” category and are shorter in length, however are set up in a much more elaborate form. You know that feeling when you have had too many red bulls, cups of coffee or chocolate bars? Well that is what the limited edition session’s are- regular minis on a buzzed out sugar high and supercharged for more dynamic images and memories! Full of energy and pizazz, most often much more elaborate in detail and design, exclusive locations with wardrobe guidance. They are offered MAYBE only twice a year and NEVER guaranteed to be repeated.

SMPs first limited edition session, May Flowers, will follow its partner mini, April Showers (visit the site to see more about the discount from pairing the two sessions together!). Think elaborate floral covered ladders with the same concept wrapped around the ropes of a swing, light wardrobes, fedoras and suspenders for little boys and flower crowns for little girls!

Stay tuned for a mood board and test shoots coming soon!