Here we are- third post of the “6 New Things to Watch Out for With SMP” series!

3. Passion for Products and Prints

While many of my peers do not agree, I however FULLY believe in offering digitals to my clients. I feel strongly that as a business it is important to meet the market demands and in case anyone missed it- we are in a digital age people! That being said, there is NOTHING like your images being printed out or turned into gorgeous products to be displayed in your home* so here come the prints and products!


These are my thoughts- you have put so much work into this session, picking the right time, stressing over outfits, changing shoes over and over and more than likely going back and forth with me JUST to get your perfect moment. All of this blood sweat and tears and you bet I am going to give you the most beautiful images I can to show you that it was all worth your while. Nothing makes me happier than seeing, hearing or reading your reactions to your images and then seeing it blown up to be fully appreciated! This is your family! Your memories and the personality of your loved ones in this exact moment in time forever.

SMP will be offering a variety of prints, products, albums, metal art, canvases and wall gallery collections to not only best suit your needs but to complement your lifestyle. You will see examples of these at multiple points of the process during our time together but don’t worry! You will NEVER be pushed into something you don’t want, that is outside of your proclaimed range or desired lifestyle!


Some of you might even think that the thought of creating something beautiful for your home is just daunting but I promise you it doesn’t have to be! SMP not only offers these beautiful items but we also have some pre-designed wall collections that are as simple as picking the layout you like and the images you love to fill the designated sizes! With a variety of grab and go gallery options (like the ones displayed below) – selecting something that fits your space is easy.  In person design sessions are always available and highly encouraged for situations like this. While it is SO fun to create something that lovely, its easy as pie (YUM) as well and alleviates the stress of self-designing a collection you will love for a lifetime.


* While all session receives a print release for your use, SMP does NOT guarantee these prints as calibration is exclusive to my print lab alone.