Here we are- fifth post of the “6 New Things to Watch Out for With SMP” series!


5. Client Closets- Maternity and More

If you have seen any of my live videos you know that my favorite thing about a maternity session is helping the mother to remember that what she is doing is an absolutely amazing thing, that she is beautiful and worth celebrating. Mothers go through such extreme changes, in more ways than one, that it is easy for them to forget the incredible moment they are a part of. Sometimes in the midst of the aches, pains and potential sickness thankfulness and appreciation can be hard to find. This is a large part of why my client closet has become such an important part of my brand.

When I originally sat down to decide the points that were the most important to me within my business, creating an amazing overall experience for my clients ranked so high on that list that it absolutely could not be ignored.

After some thinking, and a LOT of coffee breaks, I came to realize that by meshing these two concepts together I could do just that. I could not only offer a maternity portrait experience but also help women remember how beautiful and strong they really are. For this, I knew I was going to invest a portion of my energy building a client closet just for these amazing women!

Every maternity session package comes with complete access to my maternity closet. This closet is full of dresses and skirts alike from a variety of incredible designers such as ChicabooSew Trendy AccessoriesCouture Parfait and many more. At this point in time, there are eight dresses available and that amount is growing WEEKLY! While some of the images in this post represent items in the collection, not all have been photographed as of yet!

I pride myself on offering a diverse collection that benefits mothers of all shapes, sizes, stages, concerns, and styles. Many of these dresses fit a size 14 and larger! If you don’t see something you love let feel free to let me know as I am always looking to add to the collection. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post revealing all the dresses and the fun facts associated with each one!

Think client closets are just for expecting mothers?! Think again!! My collection of newborn and sitter outfits is growing as well!