I’m not sure there is anything on this planet as cute as a little boy in a baseball hat! He didn’t like cake, wasn’t happy to sit, ate mounds full of dirt and was still as adorable as ever. You see, Braydon’s older brother is big into baseball so true to a little brothers form- Braydon is too! So when his mom, Christy, reached out wanting a one-year milestone session that matched I was all in.


As parents sometimes we stress that the child won’t act in an ideal way, that they won’t be all smiles and in love with the experience but that is not what I am in the business of- creating these unrealistic perfect moments. What I am in the business of is lifestyle poetry, of real and honest and “true to yourself” moments. All it takes is for me to catch them deep in thought, staring into the distance or even as they sit there actively learning about themselves. It just takes a millisecond to capture your true life, their true personality and turn it into a memory you will have for the rest of your life! That’s why milestone sessions are so amazing!

That is what this session was! His mom brought all the themed decorations to have cake smash session themed after America’s favorite game and we hustled and bustled and whistled and used the highest pitches our voices could reach and in the end- the final product is a selection of heartwarming vibrant images of who her little boy really is.

Stay tuned for more sessions that include this little guy and his family!

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