Photo Session Wish List

I think deep down inside, or heck maybe not even that deep down, we all have a wish list of some kind! Now usually mine involves different styles of yoga pants, Nike tennis shoes, the perfect writing utensils (SWOON!), a variety of makeup or the newest cutest coziest mug I can get my hands on- HOWEVER there is always another wish list of mine that is constantly growing… MY PHOTOGRAPHERS DREAM SESSION LIST!!

I have always had this laundry list of potential sessions that make my heart sing when I think of them but have yet to actually write them all down to be viewed and pondered by the public- just waiting for the perfect client to pick them! If you have been wanting a session, this list is for you! They don’t have to be basic or boring. They are supposed to be inspired by who you are and what you love. I have absolutely incredible clients (yall know who you are!) and sometimes we want to mix it up or to be inspired or do something refreshing so if that is you- don’t worry! I’ve got you covered 😉

So here it is- a shopping list of inspiration if you will! This list is a collection of the things I’d love to work on and some of them might include a discount of some kind. While details are always to be determined based off of each session selection the list will CONSTANTLY be evolving. Concepts added, completed or removed completely! Some concepts work better for seniors, or maternity- some for couples or just children! If you see one you’d like to try just contact me at any time and we can discuss all of the potential details involved!



Oh my gosh! This one is at the top of my list for a reason! If you have a farm and you love the lifestyle let’s do it! If you don’t have one but love the concept its ok, we can find one. Looking for livestock to be involved or present as well- this includes horses, cows and chickens galore!!


Dancers Dancers and more Dancers! Specifically interested in BALLET and POINTE and I already just can’t get enough! Most likely outside and potentially only in studio if there is an appropriate space. Want to capture something beautiful, feminine and strong with long lean athletic lines! Great for a mommy daughter, senior, or just individual session as well.


This one has had my heart for a very long time and after Ive just had my personal family pictures here I’m dying to get back out there! Beautiful greenery, bridges, mountain views and amazing sunset potential- this session would be ideal for maternity, senior, family, couple or child client! Due to the nature of this session it would be classified as the “Premium Session Package” but with a potential discount!


I know we a lifestyle farm session is one of the other listed items but this doesn’t have to be on a farm or stable at all! I’m excited about the idea of capturing a connection with girl and her horse! Potentially even an adventure session down on the beach? Wild field? Bareback? Lifestyle and feeding potentially! Perfect for seniors or a horse owner of any kind.


This session might best be suited for a senior but who am I to say no to a lady who wants a bold lip and a glammed up face?! Thinking nice blouse type top, black leather jacket, curled hair, retro red lipstick, skinny jeans and a great heel of some kind! Maybe a 50’s housewife meets leather clad Sandy from Grease! Obviously this vibe is very specific so if it speaks to you- reach out and hop on it! We have some magic to make!


With fall and winter coming up this excites me to my core! Ideally this session has a good amount of natural light and some thick blankets and comforters involved. Think light robe/shawl, cup of tea and very very relaxed. Fuzzy socks for her and no socks for him. Fur babies absolutely encouraged along with some styling suggestions!


Beautiful contrast in the warmth of the connection and cool Mother Nature that highlights the PNW. Couple must be very comfortable with each other for a session of such a romantic nature. Styling suggestions advised to accomplish such a finished look! Think flowy dress perhaps, bare feet, and lots of sand. Wading into the water is encouraged and so is rolling around in the sand!


This session can go a variety of ways! A couple who is wanting to dress up a little higher end or a senior looking for something very refined. The location is in Tacoma and has a beautiful neutral/white staircase with decorative spindles, banisters lighting and scenic framing. A great contrast if you want to get dressed up as the staircase and its surrounding features give off a formal vibe with the concrete. Beautiful for families, seniors, children, couples and maternity alike!


While I have diversity in my portfolio I am dying to customize a session for a client I have yet to have- a red head! I love the stunning features and would love to capture a senior, maternity client or even a put together a child session JUST for the perfect vibe!


Another cozy one! You and your significant other in your own home. Ideally a beautiful setting and lots of natural light would make this session a success. A very cuddly romantic couple would be ideal as well! Lots of fluffy blankets, drink mugs, sitting on the counter and tons of cuddling in your own environment! Very casual clothes, bare feet kind of vibe can be found on the mood board so feel free to ask!


Let’s get out and explore! I have had my heart set on more of these sessions over the years. A location in the mountains, woods, rivers, streams etc. there are so many options! Let’s break the rules and just go with the flow. Perfect for a couples or family session!


Yay! I absolutely adore my girlfriends and have been dying to do a fun best friend session for a client as well! Something unique, fun and hilarious will be on the menu after a consultation and brainstorm session!


I have had the pleasure of photographing up on the mountain and want to add many more to my portfolio! Formal, casual and everywhere in between!


Any of these sessions speak to you?! Maybe you have never even thought of some of these amazing concepts or maybe you have had them in your pocket for years- absolutely set up a consultation HERE!