As excited as I am to have my new website up and running [[spoiler alert- more updates on the way from this Puyallup lifestyle photographer!]] I am even more excited to use the blog to provide my clients with more tips to help them prepare for their dream session! The first thing on the agenda- TIMING!

The tip of the day: **||GOLDEN HOUR||**

Have you ever worked with a photographer and gotten to the point where you are discussing the time of your session and just as you are about to suggest “3:00 because Johnny will have just woken up from his nap refreshed!”  to hear your photographer, say “how about 8:00pm?!”  [Insert shocked face here] Don’t worry- you aren’t alone! “What the heck?! Why so late?!” is a common thing to try to process but let me let you inside my brain about that “WHY?!”- stay with me!

You want beautiful images, that is why you are here, that is why you fumbled through your wardrobe sending images to your friends “what about this?” changed your shoes a million times and set your makeup a million more, and that is what my intention is for you!

It is all about the light my dear. You think it is about me but I’ll let you in on a little secret- I crave the light, WE need the light! This lovely light I am chasing is adoringly called the golden hour. Golden hour occurs approximately 1.5 hours before sundown (or after sunrise) and is the most ideal because it is the most flattering. High sun and harsh unfiltered light provide harsh shadows on the face and scenery taking away from the overall composition you are looking to achieve.

Can pictures be taken in full sun? ABSOLUTELY. Are there some tricks of the trade to avoid this? Once again, YES- but will I strongly strongly recommend that the light be the first thing we take into consideration? YOU.BET.I.WILL!! This time changes with the seasons so it isn’t always set, but dictated by Mother Nature and guess what?! Golden hour occurs in the early morning as well!!

So next time you have that internal struggle about keeping your toddler up or fighting through after a long day at work- humor them. This is because what I want for you, what ALL photographers want for you, is for you to have those lovely images you have been dreaming about.

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