Let me start off by saying I love ALL of my clients- every single one! However, the love I have for this family just has me hugging myself! Granted I might be biased because this is my sister in law/great friend and my nephew but I have had the opportunity to photograph them for many years and this session might be one of my favorites of theirs to date.

Kyle’s biggest priority is his family. He swoons over his wife and wrestles with his little man so can you imagine what kind of life this little girl they are expecting is going to have?!

Lindsay?! Well she’s probably ready for princess to get evicted so that that belly of hers isn’t in the way as she is chasing after my very busy, very clumsy and VERY adventurous nephew!

Jaxen doesn’t know it yet but his baby sister got little girly dinosaur jammies that I can guarantee he will INSIST she wear daily.

As a visitor to the blog you don’t see much of what really goes on. You only see what images I am able to show you and I think this is why I enjoy writing because this way you can experience what the sessions are REALLY like! Sure the couple is obnoxiously (yes- I went there!) attractive but what you don’t see is that their smiles aren’t fake. They are laughing at their wrecking ball of a son taking off behind me into the field, Lindsay is smirking because off in the distance underneath the willow we can hear her husband recommend to their son that they should “go on the quest for the golden booboo”, or that Jaxen is laughing underneath a chandelier singing a toddler tribute to 1984 Ghostbusters because “there’s something strange, in the neighborhoooddd”.

What kind of love and laughter do you expect to get from a expecting family whose littlest dinosaur obsessed member tells people that he is waiting for baby sister to hatch?!

Stay tuned because as their lives will change forever once she gets here, I’ll be able to document it every step of the way and can’t wait to show you how even though you don’t think there is any more room in your heart little people somehow make it so.


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