2019 has been a year of blessings and discover here at SMP and I can’t describe how surreal it is to be on this journey. While every year I am flooded with incredible clients with wonderful stories and always on a new journey I can’t help but still absolutely be in love with the fun that is had during mini sessions!

I know everyone is getting excited for the 2020 mini session agenda release but for now let’s take a little bit of time to recap all that 2019 had in store!


These sweet minis were held at Wild Hearts Farm on one of the unsung hero locations that Jodall has there- the porch! Going into the New Year I wanted something fresh and minimal and lets just say that this set totally delivered!



Those who truly know me know that I have a love for gardening and while I don’t have these minis lined up for 2020 whose to say they won’t make their appearance again in the future?! This time, we went bring and clean and let the flowers do the talking. A big thanks to The Purple Geranium for access to their colorful space!


Aren’t we SO lucky to have such a majestic view in our own back yard?! I LOVE the PNW so I try to get out as often as possible and be sure it reflects in the images. This year we went to the mountains and while she didn’t want to show us her face we still had a great time in the fog. One of the best deals regarding mini sessions is the Mountain Minis due to the distance and mini session pricing structures. Wild flowers, bridges, mountains and a stunning treeline to boot!


This is one mini I can tell you with certainty I will be bringing every year in some fashion (hint: you can find these on the 2020 mini agenda as well!) and I have no regrets about that! This year they were held again at Wild Hearts Farm. The venue con has wonderful floral combinations around the farm that make for the perfect accent, backdrop and accompaniment to your images. One of the reasons I love these minis is they are not only great to print on metal but they are wonderful to hang up in your house year round as they don’t reflect a specific holiday of any kind.

Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer

Oh? You thought we were done?! NOT.A.CHANCE!

Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer

Sedra May Photography | Puyallup Family Photographer


Good ole’ Wright Park coming in for the win! This year weather was interesting so we got one phase of Fall Minis in and as always I’m pleased as punch every time I go there! This mini is likely to be a repeat as well considering the vibe it offers. Fall like theme with big heavy leaves, park benches, lamp posts and walkways highlight one of my favorite times of year.


I can always count on this minis session to be the one that brings out ALLLLL the clients! Every year I partner with Glenwood Tree Farm to facilitate the Tree Farm minis and every year I love the results! This is a mini that is also kept VERY simple and traditional and rarely has ANY props of any kind. The focus is on the family and the trees. You can count on tree farm minis to be offered year after year- they are a classic!


The last minis of the year and clients come ready to party! I like having two types of mini sessions available during the holidays. One for those that are a little more traditional at heart and one for those that really like to let the festive spirit guide them- i.e. HOLIDAY SPIRIT MINIS! These minis were hosted at Mud Wall Family Farm, which unfortunately was the last season the Tapia’s will be using their property as a venue, and Debbie ALWAYS comes through! The blue trucks, the decorated shack and a variety of other props are available. These sessions are a strong compliment to the minimalist tree farm minis and while they won’t be repeated at Mud Wall next year, something just as equally festive will replace them!


While as you can see 2019 mini sessions were a total blast, I cant wait to show you all what I have in store for 2020!! Check out the Mini Session Agenda to keep up with the new goodies because I am always rolling something out!

Looking for a regular session? Feel free to get in touch!