Originally all of this content was put into ONE (that’s right, I said one) post before I sat back and realized I had lost.my.happy. little.marbles! If I have the attention span of a hungry goldfish there was no way my clients and readers would be able to stay with me through it all and trust me- you want to make it through it all! I was so excited to show you all what has been going on behind the photography curtain here that I almost didn’t realize how much content we had!

With that being said I’m still so excited to share the new happenings that I came up with a new plan and now that I see the light lets actually get to the condensed versions of “the six things to watch out for from SMP in 2018”. Every week or so for the month of April I will release in-depth details about each item so stayed tuned for the reveals!



When I was designing my brand I was trying to find what it was that I was truly passionate about and invest my energy there. While I absolutely love children and maternity I couldn’t stray away from the fact that I was equally obsessed with senior portraits! I learned at that moment that my goal with starting Sedra May Photography was to stay with my clients through their entire family life cycle. Going forward SMP will be offering Senior Rep programs for juniors on their way into their senior year! I’ve designed my program to have little restrictions but a lot of good fun!  Applicants can not only enjoy a variety of perks by becoming an SMP Senior Rep but are also assured that they will receive milestone images from their custom session that will last a lifetime.  SMP is currently accepting applications for 2019 seniors!


Senior Rep 2019


I have been doing mini sessions for a few years now and I absolutely adore them. It gives me a chance to meet clients that I perhaps would never have met otherwise and those same clients have become so dear to my heart! A lot of the same sessions get repeated (gasp!!) and yes this is because they are classics and in high demand along with a variety of other reasons. Yet every now and then I get an itch for something a little bit more elaborate, a smidge more classic and a whole lot more WOW! It was at this point that the concept of limited edition mini sessions came to be! To wrap the whole concept up to I one little mini session themed bow- these are sessions that are still mini in length but very “limited” in the fact that they may never get repeated. Not only that but they are set apart from their classic mini session counterparts as they are much more elaborate and intricate in design. Limited edition sessions will go quickly and will only happen once maybe twice a year. Check out this year’s limited edition mini session, May Flowers, the counterpart to the April Showers classic mini!





While this is something that has always been offered within my business it has taken a front seat in things that I am passionate about. Your sessions come with digitals and I will gladly present these to you but there is nothing quite like seeing your investment turned into something tangible you can hold in your hands and place on your wall or coffee table. As we walk through your booking process, session and gallery delivery you’ll get a chance to vie a variety of print and product options that would be lovely ways to display images. Items from classic and metal prints, canvas collections, wall galleries, albums, signing boards, and framed art are all available for your enjoyment. I do not want to force you into these items or anything of the like but simply offer you an opportunity for an upgrade if you see a design you cannot live without! Admiring your images is the best part of your investment.





Yay!! Your little one has arrived and before you know it they are standing, you are buying them whole food and pulling that random dog fur covered cheerio (WHERE do they find these things?!) out of their sticky fingers. It’s at this moment that you realized you have nearly missed it. Now don’t get me wrong you have lived it, every single exhausting second, but then you ask yourself “where did the time go?’. This is where SMP’s new Baby Plan bundles with its ‘Grow with Me” feature come into play! This is a YEAR LONG package designed to help in capturing all of those baby milestones that slip by us. Sessions occur at the newborn, three, six, nine-month marks and finally the one year! Each session is planned with an album in mind to show off your smallest prized possession.  More details about this new program can be found here under the bundle and save section.




If you haven’t already noticed I absolutely adore maternity sessions. When I was categorizing all of the desired features of my brand this was something I knew I wanted to include. All maternity sessions include access to the maternity client closet which includes a wide variety of gowns for mommas of all shapes and sizes. The closet will constantly be growing and evolving so stay tuned as fun and beautiful options are being added. A blog post dedicated specifically to these show stoppers will be up in the near future!




While I appreciate the learning process and embrace the fact that you grow through what you go through, I am embarrassed to admit that anything outside of my actual session process was not up to my standard. It worked, but it wasn’t up to my standard and made the process much too complicated to myself and most importantly my clients. I was highly unsatisfied and wanted to offer something MUCH better so imagine my excitement when I found the perfect client experience! Upon booking, clients are assigned a personal client portal. Here you can log in through my website to your personalized library, if you will, and find any and all documents or resources for your session including prep guides, questionnaires, proposals, invoices and any and all email communication between us. No more hunting around through miscellaneous emails to find things, hunting for gallery links or searching your junk mail! Everything facilitated through one location customized specifically for your session experience- great right?!?!