Here we are- the first post of the “6 New Things to Watch Out for With SMP” series!

Excuse me as I get excited about all of this! EEK! Over the past few years things have been slightly crazy here behind the curtain but I SWORE things would be different for 2018 (cue angel music). Since day one I felt like I had so many great visions of how I wanted to run my business, what I wanted to offer and the feel I wanted to portray yet every year they seemed to go onto the back burner. NOT THIS TIME! I made a point to set aside time to work on some new developments and to give myself a chance at creating some of the most enjoyable parts of my business- parts that I cannot WAIT to share with you INCLUDING senior rep programs!


1. Senior Rep Programs

While families and children are a favorite of mine, so are senior portrait sessions. This genre never got the love or attention it deserved in the past and I am excited to put it on the forefront where it belongs! Senior Models programs begin about a year PRIOR to their graduating year. Their role is to go along with my quirky ideas, be emotionally invested in the process and be open to sharing their authentic experience with others. A typical process would be a high school junior filling out an application on my website, attending a consultation with a parent or guardian, planning a custom session at minimal cost to them with the understanding that their lovely faces and images will be used to represent SMP’s brand! These individuals receive discounted products, mobile app sharing, ways to earn cash, wardrobe selection assistance, exclusive access to premium projects and more!

Due to the nature of the program, SMP not only accepts a certain amount of models per year but a limited amount of models from the same school.

It is a common misconception that you have to “look” like a “model” to a part of a program like this so let me put this very bluntly- I DO NOT WANT THE PRETTIEST SENIORS! I want the happiest, most authentic, compassionate and friendly seniors. I want those that are diverse, lively, and relate-able on multiple levels.

So if this is you, or someone you know and your interest has been peaked feel free to visit my website and fill out the senior model application to get started!