Here we are- sixth and final post of the “6 New Things to Watch Out for With SMP” series!

6. Client Portal Experience

The final and most important blog post in the “6 New Things” series is here! I find this to be the most important because of all the features that I offer at Sedra May Photography, client experience is by far the most crucial in my eyes. I strive to be flexible, warming, comfortable and absolutely fun so I, of course, need that represented in the rest of my brand!

My brand… What is a brand? I took a long time considering how and what this would be like and while I had a very vivid image in my mind, anything that fell outside of the actual session process was not up to my standard.

I had and have so much amazing information, products and all around “good feels” to share with you that I searched long and hard to find a system that would help you, the client, have access to me and these great features at your convenience.

Like I said in my summary blog post, what I was previously doing worked but was not up to my standard. I was highly unsatisfied and wanted to offer something MUCH better.

INTRODUCING- the client portal!! You guys, this is by far my most prized possession and feature within my business and it is custom to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

When you inquire about a session, we walk through the entire process together. After a consultation, you’ll be sent a proposal and if you select a package a client portal is created for you. In your portal, everything that is or could be relevant to your session is included! The proposal you previously filled out for any reference points you might have along with your contract, print release, questionnaires, any additional resources you may have requested, prep guides, what to wear guides, invoice, timelines and more are in this one-stop personal library.  Here we can take notes, attach Pinterest boards and track all of our communication in one location. Your gallery will be delivered here as well along with any form or resource I have ever sent you.

Your client portal can be accessed through my website and will track the details of every session we have together FOR YOU! No more hunting in the dark abyss for an email you swore we exchanged 27.5592 days ago. In your initial email, you will receive a password that will let you right into a room custom to your sessions requests and requirements.

This is the same location where you can purchase additional professional quality prints and products such as canvases, signing boards, albums, and SMP’s signature grab and go print collections.

Looking to book a session soon?! This feature will be accessible to you and I hope you absolutely love it as much as I do. It was, after all, created out of the love I have for the world’s most amazing clients- you guys!