I LOVE Blogging and while I don’t do it as nearly as often as I would like, I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the content I’m dying to share with you all. While I adore photography and sharing with you the images from my time together with clients, it’s the other bits- the conversation, the backstory and the feelings that have drawn me to reveal more to you all.

I met Kaylee during a random referral from one of my favorite clients and I have loved her and her family ever since their first newborn session- I mean cue the cuteness!

Back when I met Kimber and her parents I wasn’t able to offer them a luxury package that I have now, yet they have been undyingly loyal since the beginning. It was around Kimber’s six-month session that they then became the inspiration for my popular grow with me package! A newborn session, three-month mini, six-month session, nine-month mini and a one-year session all in one hearty package!

The first year is so fun and cuddly and life-changing that it’s hard to keep track of the moments and milestones in our minds so signing up for the grow with me package not only helps to guarantee you have something tangible to look back on well after your babies have grown but acted as a way for me to reward those clients that return every six months by providing a value package catered to their little.

Now it’s been a year since Kimber has graced the world with her presence and it’s been amazing to be a part of her growth! Take a look at this little beauty- isn’t she precious?! Her mom will tell you that every session that first year she stressed and that Kimber would give us the stone face but one advantage that you have with the grow with me package is that relationship I have with your child grows over time! Not only do they get used to me, but I learn more and more about them and their traits to capture the best moments of their personalities for you- just as you see them.

My goal? Is to make you cry at that one-year session. Yep- I said it! My goal is for you to fall in love with the process, just like I do so that we laugh and text the whole year through so that by the time I deliver your gallery you feel just a fraction of the awe that I do. I’ve witnessed your entire family growing as an outsider, from afar (and sometimes very up close depending on my lens of choice) and for a long time and I want you to go from seeing where your BABY was to get a glimpse of where your CHILD is headed. To see and feel the growth that YOU have experienced and be overwhelmed with not only your progress but your triumph as a guiding light. You will make it.. shoot- you might have already made it, but I’d be so honored to make that memory something you can actually look back on.

Do you have a little one on the way?! The Grow with Me: Baby Plan Package is for you! Click HERE to find out how to get started on documenting your year of firsts.