Many months ago I wrote a blog about one of the new features to be emphasized at SMP, the Senior Rep Program (view the previous post and details here)  and I was looking to complete the roster for my senior rep team when Rylee and her Mom Trina were recommended to me. We spent a few months planning and laughing about how we wanted to go about designing something that was fitting of who Rylee was at this point in her life and the details that came with being a SMP Senior Rep.

For those of you who don’t know SMP uses a select number of high school students who are graduating the following year and builds a relationship with them that exposes them to the senior portrait experience with SMP so they can share that experience with their friends throughout the school year. It pays to be a Senior Rep- LITERALLY! Sessions are complimentary, mobile apps are provided, discounts are earned and a whole lot of collaboration goes into creating the session (seriously, you can read more here!). Senior Reps are the first ones to be offered project opportunities, Cap and Gown promotions and a variety of other perks!

My ideal client is excited for their session, is interested in contributing and can’t wait to invest in tangible memories- not to mention they laugh.. and by laugh I mean A LOT! They have fun building relationships and want their memories preserved in a way they can see, feel, touch and share every single day.

This. Is. Rylee

The three of us laughed until we cried while she went off hunting for blackberries, we practiced our lefts from our rights and she was more than willing to tousle her hair the million and a half times I asked with a smile on her face. Her mom kept track of her shoes, I ran from fake snakes and at the end of it all we delivered them a collection that will make them both smile years down the road.

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